Doggy Daycare
Only the finest will do.


It has to be the most important thing
Unfortunately we do not allow any dogs with a history of aggression into our daycare unless they have had significant rehabilitation and can pass our extensive evaluation process. Small dogs and large dogs are only in daycare together when it is authorized by the owners and when all dogs are tested to be good with one and other.

Only the finest will do.

Strict Health Checks:

Better safe than sorry
As you already know dogs can get sick. We make disease containment a priority by making sure all dogs are up to date on Vaccinations. Each dog parent is taught common symptoms of diseases like Parvo, Distemper, Rabies, Lepto, kennel cough etc, in a effort to prevent ill dogs from coming onto the property and infecting other healthy dogs.

Only the finest will do.


Living and breathing dogs
Leaving your dog in the care of just anyone is not ok. All of our staff must pass background checks, pass our safe dog handling course and apprentice before coming on staff. Our staff learn how to prevent dogs fights and learn dog CPR and first aid.

Only the finest will do.

When only the finest will do:

For our outdoor surface we use SYNLawn, the industry leader. While most daycares use common astroturf, we use only the finest outdoor simulated grass. It's specifically designed for the daycare and is non-toxic. It allows for proper drainage, it's easy to clean, does not smell or stain, prevents burns on dog's feet from quick stops. Our outside yard is also treated with an anti microbial solution to prevent growth of bacteria.


For One Dog

Full day: $35.00
Half day: $25.00 (5 hours Max)

10 Full day pass: $320.00 ($32 per day)
20 Full day pass: $640.00 ($32 per day)

10 Half day pass: $230.00 ($23 per day)
20 Half day pass: $460.00 ($23 per day)

For Two Dogs

Full day: $60.00
Half day: $42.00 (5 hours Max)

10 Full-day package: $500.00 ($50 per day)
20 Full-day package: $1000.00 (50 per day)