Dog Training

Puppy Obedience

(2-6 months old)

Private one-on-one lessons only

We understand that not every puppy nor every owner are comfortable in a group setting.

It is our belief that puppies benefit hugely from the focused approach of private lessons versus large puppy classes to get the focus and structure from an early age to prevent larger issues are they grow!

We offer one-on-one programs that cover our puppy foundation training, as well as aiding you in overcoming a broad range of issues that you may already be experiencing. From leash pulling, jumping up, counter surfing, barking at the window, attacking the television to resource guarding, we have you covered.

During this program, you and your puppy will cover:
- The Sit Command
- The Down Command
- Boundary Training (Implied Stay And Impulse Control)
- Teaching A Heel Command
- Loose Leash Walking
- Our Introduction To Recall
- Maintaining Eye Contact
- Gaining Confidence
- Proper Dog Greeting Practices With Other Dogs and People
- Diet And How It Affects Your Dog’s Behaviour
- Basic Training Theory
- Aiding You In Overcoming Issues You Are Currently Experiencing (Jumping Up, Chewing, Nipping, etc)

Adult Obedience, Behavioural, And Off Leash Recall Training - Customized Programs and Pricing

(6+ months old)

Private one-on-one lessons, day train sessions, board and train programs, and group support classes (with Hallidog training)

We get it - we are both trainers and dog owners, too, and that's why we understand the loving relationships we can have with our dogs, but also the communication barriers and frustration that can exist between ourselves and our companions. Thats why we're here to help!

Our Adult Obedience, Behavioural, And Off Leash Recall courses are customizable by nature, and will be tailored to your individual challenges from both a behaviour and obedience perspective. We pride ourselves on being proven, results driven trainers who work with and teach you how to create proper boundaries, teach manners, gain safety and confidence with them while ensuring they are satisfied through enrichments, nutrition and exercise (both mental and physical).

We are able to effectively address the following behaviours through a balanced approach :
- Leash Reactivity (Towards Dogs, People, Vehicles, etc)
- Leash Pulling
- Recall Issues
- Lunging (Towards or Away From Dogs, People, Vehicles, etc)
- Counter And Table Surfing
- Car Reactivity (Towards Dogs, - People, Vehicles, etc)
- Jumping On Humans
- Rushing Out The Door
- Excessive Barking
- Barrier Reactivity
- Fear Based Reactivity
- Resource Guarding
- And, much more.

Let us help you with these issues, while building a stronger bond with your companions. Please contact us directly for individual price quotation and course outlines. We offer FREE in person consultations in our on-site training facility after a consult call with one of our trainers.