About Dogs Chattin


Joe Di Profio

Owner of Dogs Chattin, Joe, has spent 30+ years working with dogs, rescues, shelters and transport groups to find suitable homes for animals from across Canada and the USA.

Joe's dog, Neekah, is a Malinois who likes to spend her days curled up at his feet, and stopping by the shop to make sure she collects on pats and treats.

Joe's extensive background in the dog industry, supports his ability to train his staff in best practices in operating a safe, clean and friendly environment for dogs to enjoy, and also to properly assess new dogs for the daycare.


Justine Halliday

Justine has always had a love for animals and a passion for understanding them better, especially dogs. Ellie, her Maltese/Yorkie aka partner in crime for 12.5 years, is what started the journey into the canine industry over 12 years ago with walking dogs on and off leash in solo and pack sessions all over HRM. Then she added in home boarding, puppy training, private dog behavioural training and board and train programs over the last 4+ years. Justine now runs her own private lesson or board and train dog company, HalliDog Training, and manages the Dogs Chattin facility. Many of you have also met Peanut, her almost 3 year old chocolate lab who loves travelling around helping train dogs and their people, and sometimes just hangs around the shop for attention and love of any kind!

Over the last year, Dogs Chattin has been undergoing a number of changes and updates as Justine stepped into the Operations Manager role. She and her team have been adding quality and local products to our front end storefront, improved our daycare by bringing in new staff with proper skills, experience and training to ensure your pups have the best day, and we've added moreĀ  services such as grooming, puppy and dog behavioural training so far with plans to expand more into more training and services for our community.